Cement Bag Open Mouth Sacks

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17 Apr 2024
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Cement Bag

Top Opening Cement Bags (Cement Bag Open Mouth Sacks) are special packaging designed to package cement products safely and efficiently. Kraft paper, woven and sandwich paper are used as raw materials for making these cement bags. These cement bags have various specifications, functions and applications that make them an ideal choice for packaging your cement products.

Cement Bag Specifications

  • Raw Material: Kraft paper, woven, sandwich paper
  • Kraft Paper Type: Extensible brown kraft, high porosity brown kraft
  • Aperture: Top
  • Printing: According to customer wishes
  • Size: Various types of sizes, ranging from a minimum capacity of 2.5 kg to a maximum capacity of 50 kg

Cement Bag Function

  • Protects Products: These cement bags are designed to protect cement products from damage during shipping and storage.
  • Maintaining Quality: By using quality cement bags, you can ensure that your cement products remain in good condition and are not contaminated by external environmental factors.
  • Brand Customization: These cement bags can be printed according to customer wishes, so they can help improve your brand image in the market.

Cement Bag Application

  • Construction Industry: These cement bags are very suitable for use in the construction industry to package cement products that will be used in construction projects.
  • Cement Factory: Cement factories can use these cement bags to package the cement products produced before distribution to end consumers.
  • Distribution and Storage: These cement bags are also suitable for distribution and storage of cement products in warehouses or shops.

Benefits of Cement Bags

  • Guaranteed Quality: Made from high quality kraft paper, this cement bag can guarantee the safety and durability of your cement products.
  • Brand Customization: Printing services for customer branding allow you to customize these cement bags with logos or other information that you want to include to strengthen your brand image.
  • Various Size Options: With various types of sizes available, you can choose cement bags that suit your needs and capacity of cement products.
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